An industry leader in aspect of the energy, Lanaz enjoys both economies of scale and the benefits of new technology, nevertheless size and technology alone don’t guarantee success. To survive and thrive, we are continually working to improve performance in reliability, margin generation, and operating expense control. This will help us meet the dual challenge of fueling global economies while addressing the risks of climate change.


Lanaz high quality products is available through fuel distributors in Kurdistan Region.
In addition to quality of Lanaz gasoline and diesel when produced, we also keep track of our products during transportation and storage in downstream.

QC / Laboratory

Quality Assurance and Quality Control both ensure that industry standards, regulations and guidelines are met for every product which is made in our refinery. All the materials, equipment, components and structures will be subject to inspections that are guided by mandatory regulations, technical specifications from the contracts and quality standards. And our brilliant engineers ensure that products made are up to the world standards. by doing continuous testing and